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Infragistics Tracker

The file contains three files:

  • Infragistics Tracker Setup.msi – This installs the Infragistics Tracker Client application, and the SQL Server database (optional).
  • TrackerWS_Setup.msi – This installs the Tracker Web Service, the SQL Server database (optional), and updates the “web.config” file with the database information provided during install.
  • Tracker_Scripts.sql – This is the full SQL database script and does not need to be run. It can be used for re-creating the SQL database, if necessary.

The file contains the complete source code for the Tracker application.

Download Tracker Setup

Download Tracker Source

Download the Tracker eBook

Installation Prerequisites

Tracker application has the following installation prerequisites:

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 2000 or later.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, set to mixed-mode authentication with Service Pack 2 applied
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

If you want to install the XML Web Service, you also need to install:

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 or greater

If you want to build the application using the installed project files, you need to install:

  • Visual Studio .NET

Setting up Tracker

Tracker was built using Visual Studio .NET 2003, .NET Framework 1.1, Windows Forms and ASP.NET 1.1.

You have several options when installing Tracker. 

  • Install source code, and work with Tracker in Visual Studio .NET
  • Install client only, and interact with the public web service at Infragistics
  • Install the Tracker web service and the Tracker client on your machines and test Tracker on your own client and server.

Each installer for Tracker has an option to install the database.  If you want to install Tracker without installing the database, simply leave the database options blank when prompted during setup.
Client only Install
To install the client only to interact with the Tracker web service at Infragistics, you only need to run the client installer named “Infragistics Tracker Setup.msi”.

During the installation, you have the option of installing the Tracker database.  You do not need to do this, since you will be accessing the database via the web service on the Infragistics servers.  There will be a Tracker icon installed on your desktop, and the default login to the Infragistics web service will be filled in on the Tracker login screen.

If you want to install Tracker and work with SQL Server directly on your own computer, you can install the Tracker database during setup, and when you attempt to log into Tracker, change the data source location option to Use LAN, and type the name of your SQL Server, and the client will access your local data source.

Client and XML Web Service Install

To install the client and web service to work with Tracker on your own computers, run the Tracker Web Service installer named “TrackerWS_Setup.msi” and the Tracker client installer named ““Infragistics Tracker Setup.msi”.

After you have the client and web service installed, you can change the connection in the Use XML Web Service option on the Tracker login screen to:


Getting the Source Code Working with Visual Studio .NET

In order to get Tracker up and running on your development machine, and for you to effectively works with the projects in Visual Studio .NET 2003, you should install the following components.  Throughout the e-Book, you will learn what role each component plays.  I strongly recommend that you also read the help files for each of the application blocks.  This e-Book is not a replacement for those help files.

Microsoft Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 1.0 SP1 found at

WSE Settings Tool for Visual Studio .NET found at

Data Access Application Block

Exception Management Application Block

Updater Application Block

Tracker source code

Tracker Web Service