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Knowledge Base Article: KB07316

HOWTO:How do I force an Appointment's start and end times to display in the UltraDayView control?

The information in this article applies to:
UltraWinSchedule (v5.1.20051)
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By default, the UltraDayView control only displays the start and end time for an Appointment when the start or end time does not coincide exactly with that of the TimeSlots that it spans. This is why, for example, you will see the start and end times for an Appointment that begins at 9:27AM, but not for an Appointment that begins at 9:30AM. This behavior is seen in MS Outlook, which the UltraDayView control closely emulates in most cases.

Additional Information

Infragistics' IUIElementCreationFilter interface is one of the more powerful extensibility mechanisms in the Presentation Layer Framework. This interface makes it possible to add additional UIElements, the basic building blocks of Infragistics controls, to any other UIElement. It also makes it possible to modify existing ones, which is the method employed in this demonstration. The UIElement typically used to display text, the TextUIElement, exposes a 'Text' property, which in most cases the end developer does not interact with. In this demonstration, we will set the Text property of the appropriate TextUIElement so that Appointments displayed in the UltraDayView control's TimeSlotArea always show any combination of the start/end times, Subject, Location, and Description.

 UltraDayView Appointment Text (C#)
 UltraDayView Appointment Text (VB)

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