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Knowledge Base Article: KB07204

HOWTO:Remove the pencil image that appears after editing a cell

The information in this article applies to:
UltraWinGrid (v5.1.20051)
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In some applications it might not be necessary for an end user to know that he/she has modified data in the UltraWinGrid. This article provides a sample that shows how you can remove the pencil image from the row selector using a DrawFilter.

Additional Information

Pseudo Code:
1.    Create a class that Implements “IUIElementDrawFilter”
2.    In the GetPhasesToFilter Method
    a.    Check to see if the Element is a RowSelectorUIElement
        i.    If it is return DrawPhase.BeforeDrawImage;
        ii.    Else return DrawPhase.None
3.    in the DrawElement Method
    a.    Identify if the Element is a RowSelectorUIElement and that the Phase is BeforeDrawImage
        i.    If it meets the above criteria
            1.    Get a handle on the actual row through GetContext()
            2.    If that row is the active row
                a.    Draw the Arrow Indicator
                b.    Return true (this stops the pencil from ever being drawn.
        ii.    Else return false;

 Demonstrates the use of the DrawFilter to remove the edit pencil icon in the row selectors. VB.NET version
 Demonstrates the use of the DrawFilter to remove the edit pencil icon in the row selectors. C# version

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