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This application has now been retired.

New Windows Forms TRACKER reference application and eBook by noted author and INETA speaker Jason Beres

What is Tracker?

Tracker is a sample n-Tier Windows Forms application demonstrating the uses of Infragistics presentation layer elements as well as key Microsoft technologies implemented in a true n-tier architecture. There is a 10 chapter eBook that accompanies the Tracker application, which will give developers an insight as to why certain things were done, how the application was written, and how to enhance the application for their own use.  

With the ink-enabled elements Infragistics NetAdvantage 2004 Volume 2 toolset, the Tracker application is fully TabletPC ready, which gives developers an insight as to how simple it is to write robust ink-enabled applications using the Volume 2 elements. Besides the vast array of presentation layer elements from Volume 1 used in the Tracker application, some of the key Microsoft technologies demonstrated are:

  • Web Services Enhancements WS-Security, allowing secure authentication from the Windows Forms application to a web service for data access.
  • Microsoft Data Access Application block
  • Microsoft Exception Management application block
  • Microsoft Application Updater application block
  • Multithreaded Windows Forms application for data access
  • Structure for implementing online and offline data access without using Datasets
  • XML Web Service data access or data access directly to SQL Server

Check out the new Tracker Newsgroup. NNTP Version

Jason Beres is the .NET Technical Evangelist for Infragistics, Inc, a Microsoft Visual Studio Integration Partner. Jason is a Microsoft .NET MVP, is on the INETA Speakers Bureau ( and is the co-Chair of the INETA Academic Committee. Jason is the author of Teach Yourself Visual Studio .NET 2003 in 21 Days from Sams, the co-author of the Visual Basic .NET Bible from Wiley, the C# Bible from Wiley, and is currently finishing up Teach Yourself Visual C# .NET in 21 Days from Sams.